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Overwatch 2’s Nintendo Switch version has surprisingly HD cat pics

The Nintendo Switch version of Blizzard's free-to-play FPS Overwatch 2 appears to be preserving the graphical quality of cats in-game above all else.

Overwatch 2 Nintendo Switch Kanezaka cat portratis: an image of a spooky skin from the free FPS

If you’re someone who likes free-to-play FPS games on the go, you don’t need us to tell you why you should check out Overwatch 2 on Nintendo Switch. However, if you’re someone who has already played this hero shooter on an Xbox console, a PS4 or PS5, or on PC, you might need a little convincing. Well, aside from the fact that it’s quite convinient, you might be interested to learn that Blizzard really does have it’s priorities straight when it comes to Overwatch 2 on the Switch; all the pictures of cats are “super high res”.

Yes, that’s right; for some reason, as pointed out by eagle-eyed Sigma supporter ‘readyrescue‘ on Reddit, all the portraits of cats in Kanezaka’s cat cafe are “super high res” – standing out against the “muddy and blurry” background.

As you might suspect, Overwatch 2 doesn’t look as good as it does elsewhere on Nintendo Switch. And, as you can see below, the environmental textures are certainly not as clean as they could be. However, it’s unique cartoonish art style does give it some leeway other games might not get.

That very same leeway, though, doesn’t quite explain why the portraits of cats are so much clearer than the rest of the environment – and the character models themselves.

OW on Switch uses low poly/res everywhere in game, but the cats in the cat cage are super high res.
by u/readyrescue in Overwatch

Of course, the images of these cats wouldn’t be nearly as identifiable as felines if they were presented on Nintendo Switch at the same graphics quality level as the rest of Overwatch 2 – which would be a true disservice to fans.

So, while you may not think about Overwatch 2 when you think about the best Nintendo Switch games out there, it’s certainly far from the worst game on the platform – especially if you’re a fan of cats. In all seriousness, though, this really does have the potential to be one of the best competitive FPS games out there – even on Nintendo Switch. However, some changes still need to be made.

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