Outcast 2 A New Beginning release date speculation, story, gameplay

Looking for everything we know about the Outcast 2 A New Beginning release date, gameplay and story? This article has everything you should know

Outcast 2 A New Beginning Release Date: Cutter can be seen holding up a shield and fighting robots.

After more than two decades, the classic RPG returns with Outcast 2 A New Beginning. The sequel to the cult-classic game will put you back in the shoes of the protagonist Cutter Slade and bring you back to the alien world of Adelpha. But, what do we know about the game right now including the expected Outcast 2 A New Beginning release date?

Well, Outcast 2 will undoubtedly bring the series into a modern era, but it is definitely going to retain what people love about the original. THQ is clearly aiming to create a modern and current, but faithful follow-up.

But, if you are a fan or a newcomer and keen to learn more read on through the rest of this article. We will cover the Outcast 2 A New Beginning release date, as well as the story and gameplay details we know about.

Outcast 2 A New Beginning Release Date speculation

Outcast 2 A New Beginning does not currently have a release date. However, based on the state of the game and how it looks, we would expect it to release sometime in 2023.

Although, this is purely a guess on our part and the game could be delayed or arrive much sooner.


Outcast 2 A New Beginning will release on PS5 Xbox Series X|S, and PC. There will not be a last-gen release.

The ambitious open-world game likely requires the extra power granted by the current generation, so you shouldn’t expect it to release on last-gen at all.

Outcast 2 A New Beginning Story

As mentioned, Outcast 2 A New Beginning brings you back to Adelpha as Cutter Slade once again. Resurrected by the almighty Yods, he has returned to find the Talans enslaved and the world stripped of its natural resources.

On top of that, an invading robot force means he has to go on a mission again to save the planet, as his past becomes intertwined with the Talan people and the earth since the events of the first game.

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Outcast 2 A new Beginning Gameplay


The latest trailer from the THQ Nordic Showcase in August 2022 showed off the big open world of Outcast 2 you will get to explore. We also got a look at some of the action-packed combat of the game.

Overall it is looking really good and hopefully, we will get a longer gameplay demonstration soon.

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Hopefully, we will get a better look at the game at the THQ Nordic Showcase on August 12.

That covers everything we know ahead of the Outcast 2 A New Beginning release date. For more on games, check out some of the best Xbox RPGs and best PS5 RPGs.