Call of Duty devs don’t get the “credit they deserve,” says NoisyButters

Call of Duty may move away from its yearly formula, and Atlanta FaZe content creator NoisyButters thinks it's good that the devs are getting room to breathe

NoisyButters Call of Duty yearly release change smiling at the camera during a YouTube video

Call of Duty’s yearly release schedule has been under the microscope recently after reports emerged that Activision Blizzard is considering a shift away from the series’ yearly release schedule. In a soon-to-be-published interview, Atlanta FaZe’s Call of Duty content creator Hannah ‘NoisyButters’ Bryan spoke with The Loadout on the matter.

“I think what I’m most excited to see is just a little bit of a breather for the devs,” NoisyButters says. “I feel like the devs work extremely hard, and don’t get the credit that they deserve. I know that they have multiple projects in store, but I’m really happy that they can at least take a breather from the classic multiplayer equation that comes out every year. I think it’ll be a time for their minds to creatively breathe and work on something else. I think it’d be really good for the series overall.”

Not having to quickly turn around and start work on another Call of Duty straight away is no doubt a benefit to the individuals who work on the series, but does the yearly release schedule also affect Call of Duty’s quality and originality, making each release feel the same?

NoisyButters doesn’t think that’s necessarily the case, and believes that each CoD manages to feel “unique”, despite the yearly turnover.

It seems that a move away from annual Call of Duty releases would be welcomed by die-hard fans like NoisyButters, as it would be beneficial for the developers of the games to avoid burning out, but it might also mean we see Call of Dutys with fewer issues at launch.

Our own recent reports suggest fans fear Call of Duty games are being rushed out just to meet the yearly deadlines, and the issues we’re seeing with Vanguard and Warzone, like the Warzone extra weapon perk bug, might end up being a thing of the past.

We’re still waiting for Activision Blizzard to make an announcement that will either confirm or deny the reports that Call of Duty will skip a year in 2023.

Keep an eye out for our extended conversation with NoisyButters, which covers her career and life, her favourite aspects of Call of Duty, her crush on iconic character Soap, and much more, next week.