NHL 23 on Game Pass explained

If you are looking to know everything there is to know about NHL 23 on Game Pass, how the 10 hour trial works and more then look no further

NHL 23 Game Pass: A player can be seen hitting a puck

If you are keen to jump into NHL 23, but don’t quite want to put down the full amount of money, you may be wondering about NHL 23 on Game Pass. EA has been a longtime supporter of the service and that isn’t changing with NHL 23.

So, this article will cover the EA Play partnership that has long been established between Microsoft and Xbox. Plus we will also cover the full game’s release on Game Pass, which should eventually happen down the line.

So, for more about NHL 23 on Game Pass, check out the rest of the article below.

Is NHL 23 on Game Pass?

NHL 23 is available on Game Pass for Ultimate subscribers through a 10-hour trial. From October 11, 2022 anyone subscribed can play up to 10 hours of the full game, in any mode they wish.

Non-Ultimate subscribers, unfortunately, don’t get access to this trial, as EA Play is only building with the price version of Microsoft’s subscription service. So, if you want to try the game you will need to make an upgrade.

However, the full NHL 23 is not available on Game Pass. However, due to the EA Play partnership, the game should eventually come to Game Pass. We guess that it will arrive in May or June 2023, which is about the window when NHL 22 came to Game Pass this year.

Now that you know everything about NHL 23 on Game Pass, you can begin getting stuck into HUT with the top player ratings, or other online modes thanks to crossplay. There should be more than enough to keep you company, especially in the early hours if you are playing with the trial.