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Naraka Bladepoint’s first new map is in development

During a preview event for the Xbox Series X|S version of Naraka Bladepoint, publisher NetEase confirms the battle royale's first new map is in development

Naraka Bladepoint new map: Two heroes from Naraka Bladepoint battle each other mid air. One has a red sword, the other casts a water ability resembling a mermaid

Battle royale Naraka Bladepoint will hit consoles for the first time this month when it hops onto the Xbox Series X|S and Game Pass. Naraka has been out on PC since last summer, but while it has received lots of new weapons, modes, cosmetics, and characters, one thing it hasn’t had is a new map. However, that will be changing soon.

While the game’s original map, Morus Isle, has received some updates (the most notable being in December last year), players have only had this one large map to play on. Despite Naraka’s unique gameplay and great content output, the lack of a new map looks to be one of the only chinks in its armour versus other multi-map battle royales like Apex Legends or PUBG: Battlegrounds. However, during a preview event for the game’s Xbox version, publisher NetEase reveals to The Loadout that a second map is in development right now.

“We’re working on something new,” a NetEase spokesperson says. “A question often asked by our players is ‘when is there going to be a new map?’ It’s under production.”

A timeframe for when this new Naraka Bladepoint map was coming wasn’t mentioned.

NetEase also says that it’s still “finalising” how the new map will fit into Naraka in terms of either being in rotation or completely replacing Morus Isle.

While brand new Naraka players lured in by the game coming to console and Game Pass might not feel much need for a new map straight away, it’ll probably be a welcome bit of news for those PC players that have already mastered the diverse landscape of Morus Isle and are looking for a new challenge.

Naraka Bladepoint hits Xbox Series X|S and Game Pass on June 23.