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MultiVersus update 1.03 nerfs Superman ahead of Rick’s release

A new MultiVersus update is here and we have everything you need to know about the latest Superman nerfs ahead of the release of Rick for the free fighting game

MultiVersus update 1.03 nerf superman rick: an image of superman titling his head on a dark background

It’s that time again, folks. Another set of MultiVersus patch notes has dropped chock-full of buffs, nerfs, and interesting updates. If you needed any more proof that Player First Games was wholly dedicated to making this free-to-play brawler one of the best fighting games out there, this is it. Heavy hitters like Finn, Jake, Superman, and Shaggy have all been nerfed. Meanwhile, newcomer Gizmo is among those fighters with a bit of a buff. The developers are also doubling character level XP and introducing an anti-infinite decay that should combat combo spammers.

We know that’s quite a lot to get your head around, so allow us to explain in a little more detail below.

We’re going to start with all the character buffs coming to MultiVersus in patch 1.03 – just ahead of the MultiVersus Rick release time. Gizmo is going to benefit from increased jump speed, an extended Music Note lifetime, and the ability to jump-cancel out of more air attacks than before. In addition to this, Garnet is going to recover faster from both her Ground Up Attack and Air Neutral Attack, while also having a longer hitbox duration for her Air Down Attack. With all this in mind, she should feel a lot snappier when stringing together one of the best MultiVersus Garnet combos in the air.

Steven Universe is also being buffed in update 1.03, so we’re starting to think he should be moved up on our MultiVersus tier list. Moving forward, he should have an increased projectile speed and increased knockbacks on his Air Side Attack. This should make him more of a force to be reckoned with in future fights.

As for the nerfs, it’s the usual suspects: Finn, Jake, Superman, Shaggy, and Velma. In every case, Player First Games has increased the recovery time for several attacks alongside more noticeable nerfs. Jake can no-longer bounce enemies when the House is on the ground, Shaggy’s Air Neutral Attack doesn’t break armour on the first hit anymore, and Superman’s Ground Up Attack has a lower charged knockback scaling.

If you want to read up on some of the more minor changes, and the tweaks to Bugs Bunny and LeBron, you can find the full MultiVersus update 1.03 notes right here.

In addition to these buffs and nerfs, Player Fist Games is implementing an Anti-Infinite Combo System feature that introduces a decay to all attacks if it has been used more than four times in the same combo of moves. This is going to encourage players to be more creative and should help balance those fighters who have one particularly popular moveset. You’re also going to need to earn twice as much XP to level your character from level 3 to level 15. This change is going to make reaching max level with a fighter more of a journey – and more of a grind.