MultiVersus how to play local multiplayer and begin brawling

Want to know how to play local multiplayer in MultiVersus? Here is what you need to do to ensure you have the option selected in the menu

MultiVersus How To Play Local Multiplayer: Batman, Shaggy, Wonder Woman and Arya can be seen fighting on a stage

Local co-op is the heart of brawlers and the best fighting games and that is no different with WB’s and Player First Games’ MultiVersus. Filled with your favourite characters, you and your friends will likely want to battle it out together in the same room or on the couch. But, if you are just beginning the game as it is free-to-play you may be wondering how to play local multiplayer in MultiVersus.

Well thankfully to save you hunting around menus for ages, we have the full instructions you need below so you don’t end up getting five menus deep into the options menu or the character customisation screen.

So, if you are looking for how to play local multiplayer in MultiVersus, be sure to read on through the rest of this guide for detailed, step-by-step instructions on what to do in the game’s menu.

MultiVersus how to play local multiplayer

To play local multiplayer in MultiVersus, you need to do the following, from the game’s menu:

  • Click ‘Play’ on the Main Menu
  • Select the ‘Custom’ Play tab
  • Select ‘Local Multiplayer’
  • Choose a character and begin fighting

There you have it, it’s not the hardest thing to begin, but if you aren’t sure where to look you can easily miss it within the game’s menu system.

Once you have entered local play you can have up to four people play alongside one another battling it out in the same room, providing you have controllers. All the MultiVersus game modes, maps, and the full MultiVersus roster are available for you to try! You can even set a time limit and ring-out limit for a match.

So there you have it, that is how to play local multiplayer in MultiVersus. For more tips and help with the basics of the game, check out our overview of the ranked mode in MultiVersus and how to get Gold quickly in-game.