MultiVersus how to 1v1 friends in multiplayer

Are you looking for how to 1v1 friends in multiplayer in MultiVersus? Here is what you need to do to boot up the custom match and begin battling

MultiVersus How To 1v1 Friends: Shaggy can be seen punching Bugs Bunny

Any brawler has the chance to become a way to humiliate your friends by destroying them in a 1v1 game. And, MultiVersus is no different, which is why this guide on how to 1v1 your friends in multiplayer in MultiVersus should come in handy if you ever want to throw down in a match without any other players.

Whether you are using one of the better characters in our MultiVersus tier list or just trying to play around and see who can beat who with Velma, the Iron Giant, or Wonder Woman, local multiplayer is the best way to settle any feuds. Or maybe you are just looking to catch up and chill? Local multiplayer is a good place to spend time together as well.

So, read on below for our guide on how to 1v1 your friends in multiplayer in MultiVersus, which is one of the best fighting games out there right now!

MultiVersus how to 1v1 your friends

To 1v1 your friends in MultiVersus online you need to do the following:

  • Select the ‘Custom Game Lobby’ option from them main menu
  • Set the rules to what you want
  • Invite your friends to the opposing team using the + icons on Team 2

And, that is how you do it. Once you have added your friend either on your platform or another platform (thanks Crossplay), you can begin playing and fighting to see which of you is the best.

Playing locally requires you to do a few different steps. So, if you are looking to play in the same room, check out our guide on how to play local multiplayer in MultiVersus.

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