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Don’t worry, a MultiVersus Finn nerf update is on the way

If you like to fight as Finn from Adventure Time in MultiVersus, we have some bad news for you - a nerf has been confirmed for the Assassin and it’s coming “soo

MultiVersus Finn August 2022 nerf: An image of a cartoon boy cheering

We know MultiVersus is still in its’ Open Beta period, but Player First Games isn’t waiting around to update its’ free-to-play fighting game. On the back of confirmation that MultiVersus’ frustrating hitbox bugs are getting fixed, game director Tony Huynh has seemingly confirmed that MultiVersus’ Finn is going to be hit with a nerf in a title update “soon” – how ominous.

Responding to MultiVersus fan ‘KingWolfStreet’ in a Twitter thread discussing Finn the Human’s character model in the aforementioned fighting game, Huynh responded simply to a question asking if there was “a nerf coming for Finn anytime soon” with one word: yes.

We know this is quite a simple answer that doesn’t quite go into any details about what players can expect, but it’s an important confirmation that the development team are aware of the fact that players feel as though they’re struggling to go up against Finn in-game. It’s certainly the answer a lot of players would have hoped for, anyway.

Whether you’re clued up on the best MultiVersus Finn combos or not, it’s safe to say that he’s very much something of a menace for the MultiVersus community – along with Taz and Bugs Bunny, it seems. For as long as this fighting game has been available, players have been complaining about Finn and his notorious spinning ‘Backpack Attack’ move online.

All you need to do is head onto the MultiVersus subreddit to see posts like the one below. Joking aside, he is one of the more unbalanced fighters in the game and it’s clearly causing some frustration among players – as much as it’s a source of amusement.

If you unironically go online with a friend to spam Finn up specials together, I genuinely hope you forget about your cereal and come back to it when it’s total mush. from MultiVersusTheGame

But, in a similar fashion to how Huynh confirmed that a MultiVersus Bugs Bunny nerf is coming after EVO 2022, it seems as though Finn could also be getting hit with some negative changes to his stats sooner rather than later. We don’t know whether this will be in the same post-EVO update as mentioned before, but there’s nothing to say it won’t be.

The fact that the infamous MultiVersus Taz nerf had fighting game fans spinning him into memes, we could well see a similar situation with both Bugs Bunny and Finn the Human in a matter of days.

Is MultiVersus one of the best fighting games available right now? Without question. Is there room for it to improve? Of course. If you’re wondering what sort of update we’ll be looking at when it comes to Finn, keep an eye on the MultiVersus patch notes for more information. Is a nerf going to impact his position on our MultiVersus tier list? Only time will tell.