Does MultiVersus need a PS Plus or an Xbox Live subscription?

Planning to checkout MultiVersus but not sure about how it works. Here are the answers to questions surrounding does MultiVersus need PS Plus or Xbox Live

MultiVersus Need PS Plus Xbox Live: Batman can be seen looking at something in his hand.

Are you looking at MultiVersus with big, wide eyes, wondering whether you can play it?  Well, if you are then you are probably curious exactly how the game’s free-to-play model works and if there are any barriers you might face along the way. For example, you may be thinking ‘does MultiVersus need a PS Plus or Xbox Live subscription?’

Well, this article will answer that question and give you an overview of just how easy it is to jump into a brawl and begin playing as your favourite Warner Brothers characters, whether it be Batman or LeBron James from Space Jam.

So, for that full overview of MultiVersus’ business model and just how easy it is to get stuck into the game, continue reading on below. This guide will answer your questions about whether MultiVersus needs a PS Plus or Xbox Live subscription.

Does MultiVersus need a PS Plus or an Xbox Live subscription?

No, MultiVersus does not require a PS Plus or Xbox Live subscription according to WB Games and Player First Games. Both systems allow everyone to play free-to-play games without the need to subscribe to either of the services.

This means that you can jump in, without any barriers, and you can even play with your friends who own the same console or are on other platforms. Crossplay is fully implemented in MultiVersus, so with that addition, and the fact it is free to play, the multiplayer should maintain a healthy playerbase for months to come.

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