What is the MultiVersus open beta end date?

Are you looking for a guide to tell you the MultiVersus beta end date? Here's everything we know about how long you will have to try out the new fighting game

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MultiVersus is a fighting game developed by Warner Bros Games that takes all your favourite franchises from Scooby-Doo to Batman to Adventure Time, puts them in a stage set one of of their universes, and lets them go at it like wild things until one team comes out on top.

The game isn’t out yet, but there is a beta going on at the moment. You can get entry to the beta in a number of ways. But, if you’re already playing the beat ’em up game, then you’ll likely want to know when the MultiVersus beta ends so that you can get all your caped crusader bashing in before then – who wants to play as Batman when you have Shaggy?

Read on below to find out when the MultiVersus beta is coming to an end. We’ll keep this guide updated, too, so if any more information comes to light, rest assured it’ll get changed here.

What is the MultiVersus open beta end date?

There is currently no end date for the MultiVersus beta. At the moment, the wacky fighting game is in closed beta, which you can gain access to by buying one of the game’s founder’s packs or through Twitch drops. Multiverse open beta will start on July 26 for those who don’t want to do either of these methods to get in early.

As soon as a MultiVersus beta end date is announced, we will update this article with all of the latest information.

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