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MultiVersus leaks hint the juice is loose for a Beetlejuice 2 collab

With Beetlejuice 2 heading to the big screen soon, Warner Brothers is reportedly eyeing up a MultiVersus Beetlejuice collaboration.

MultiVersus Beetlejuice: An image of Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice in Beetlejuice 2, and Agent Smith in MultiVersus.

Nearly 36 years ago, Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice spawned an all timer Michael Keaton performance, and now the juice is loose once more with Beetlejuice 2 on the horizon. However, seeing the movie isn’t enough for Warner Brothers. If you think you can handle his mischievous antics, then the alleged arrival of Beetlejuice in MultiVersus is something you don’t want to miss out on.

The fighting game‘s roster continues to become all mighty stacked list of cinematic icons and TV legends, with recent additions like Jason Voorhees keeping PS5 and Xbox on their toes in the arena. However, according to reliable MultiVersus leaker ‘AusilMV’, players can expect to “gain Beetlejuice through the Rifts mode early (assuming during Season 2).” Season 1 of the multiplayer game began on May 28, 2024, and has been trucking along with a pretty brutal grind for the last few weeks.

However, developer Player First Games is working to address this, so unlike the path to unlocking The Matrix’s Agent Smith, acquiring Beetlejuice might not be as tedious. The leaker also claims that “you will also be able to earn an exclusive Beetlejuice variant from this event track.”

MultiVersus Beetlejuice: An image of MultiVersus leaker AusilMV on social media.

With the studio cooking up a unique variant of Agent Smith that sees him covered in iconic Matrix code rainfall, it is likely that an original design will be crafted for Beetlejuice, rather than lifted from the big-screen. Well, unless Michael Keaton’s reprisal of the role is packing some serious drip, that is.

Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice sequel is set to release on September 6, 2024. We reckon Warner Brothers will start hinting about Beetlejuice’s inclusion in the co-op game toward the end of August, as well as what Season 2 has in store for new and returning players. However, while Beetlejuice would undoubtedly be a cool addition to the MultiVersus tier list, we’re still waiting on the likes of Keanu Reeves’ Neo to get in on the action.

For now, you still have time to unlock Agent Smith before his official launch later this month, chip away at those battle pass cosmetics, and refine your skills in the training arena.

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