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Wake up, MultiVersus’ Agent Smith gameplay looks inevitably awesome

The Matrix’s iconic villain Agent Smith arrives in MultiVersus soon, and your first look at his devastating moveset is a gnarly one.

MultiVersus Agent Smith: An image of Agent Smith from The Matrix in MultiVersus.

If you don’t want to grind it out in MultiVersus’ Rift Mode to unlock Agent Smith, then don’t worry, because the legendary The Matrix franchise villain is almost here. We already know how badass Agent Smith looks aesthetically – it is based on Hugo Weaving, after all. But what about his moveset? 

Developer Player First Games has released the first MultiVersus Agent Smith trailer, ahead of the character’s addition to the fighting game’s roster on Tuesday, July 23, 2024. Within the MultiVersus tier list, Agent Smith is a Bruiser class fighter, and is able to chain together some pretty nasty combos. All of his attacks use Smith’s signature Desert Eagle handgun in some way, alongside some clever interpretations of sifting through The Matrix simulation itself.

Smith’s movement within the Warner Brothers themed co-op game is exceptionally fast at first glance, especially with air attacks that hail down barrages of gunfire, limiting your retaliation in the multiplayer game’s arenas.

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What I’m really digging, though, is how Player First Games is paying tribute to The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions iteration of Agent Smith. After Keanu Reeves’ Neo overwrote Smith’s code at the end of The Matrix, Smith was able to rebuild himself by using remnants of Neo to become ‘unplugged’ for the Matrix simulation, giving him abilities like cloning.

While he may have lost the power of travelling via possession within The Matrix, his goal to assimilate everyone meant he could also take powers from characters like The Oracle. Still with us?

It’ll be interesting to see how PS5 and Xbox players use this ability in the heat of battle, as I imagine it’ll make for a unique mechanic. You can unlock Agent Smith early if you’ve been grafting your way through Rift Mode, but the game’s brutal slog to earning cosmetics can be a tiresome effort.

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For those of you accessing Agent Smith early, he is available from Monday, July 8, 2024. Agent Smith’s inclusion also sees Free For All mode added to MultiVersus’ playlists – perfect to give your friends an old-fashioned beat down.

In other gaming news, MultiVersus is reportedly set to get a Beetlejuice 2 crossover, and Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Season 2 confirms that Mrs. Freeze is your next playable villain. To stay up to date with all things gaming, drop our Google News feed a follow before you go.