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Moonbreaker has plans for consoles, cross-play, and lots of content

Moonbreaker launches in early access soon only on PC, but developer Unknown Worlds has plans to expand to more platforms with cross-play

Moonbreaker console cross-play: Three figurines dressed in blue and gold armor

Digital tabletop strategy game Moonbreaker may be launching in early access on PC only this month, but developer Unknown Worlds already has plans in the works to bring it to “literally every platform”. However, it’s not just in the platform department where Unknown Worlds is future-proofing – it also has several seasons of content completed already that are ready to go.

Speaking to The Loadout at Gamescom, game director Charlie Cleveland reveals that there is a real drive to get Moonbreaker on as many platforms as possible, despite its PC-only launch. “Long term, we have planned for literally every platform, but we’re just focusing on the core [PC experience] right now,” he says

Cleveland also reveals that when additional platforms do arrive, Moonbreaker will be fully cross-play – apparently Unknown Worlds even has cross-play done and dusted internally, and it’ll be ready for when it comes to those additional platforms. Cleveland says that this is easier to achieve for a game like Moonbreaker than most other cross-play titles. “Because it’s turn-based, you don’t have to dial someone else down because they’re playing on a controller and you’re playing on a mouse,” he explains.

While he admits he can’t fully confirm and commit to cross-progression between platforms just yet, Cleveland does say that he “would be shocked if your collections weren’t just available everywhere”.

As well as having a lot of foresight for the future of Moonbreaker’s infrastructure, Unknown Worlds is also well ahead of schedule on the content front. It may only be getting into the hands of players around the world for the first time this month, but the studio has already planned well into the future.

“We’re so far ahead,” says Cleveland. “I’m designing season six right now – that’s how far we’ve got. We have characters in the pipeline for seasons and seasons.”

As we reported earlier this week, Unknown Worlds is also trying to futureproof the game when it comes to monetisation, with the developer and the game’s publisher Krafton confirming that a potential free-to-play pivot in the future has been prepared for.

Cleveland says all of this future planning and willingness to adapt is a testament of how passionate the team is about Moonbreaker and its universe.

“I don’t want to be in a position where we have to stop because we’re not making money – that’d be horrible,” he says. “We designed this for the long term, we designed it to be a game like Magic: The Gathering, which has expansions that are constantly coming out, or like Hearthstone.”

With Moonbreaker’s evident charm, its lofty ambitions, and its willingness to plan ahead, this could definitely be a game to watch over the coming months – especially when that expansion to other platforms arrives.

Additional reporting by Jess Wells.