LPL will challenge LCK teams in new League of Legends Mid-Season Cup

League of Legends: Jarvan IV

The League of Legends offseason has been quiet this year due to the cancellation of the Mid-Season Invitational, however a new tournament between the LPL and the LCK next week should help plug the gap.

The Mid-Season Cup, which starts on May 28, will pit the top four teams from the LPL Spring Split against the top four teams of the LCK Spring Split in an “epic showdown.” The cup is expected to be one of “multiple events” this year to help engage League fans around the world.

The Cup will be held online with LCK teams competing from the LoL Park in Seoul and the LPL teams from the Shanghai LPL Arena. There will, of course, be no live audiences and the ping will be artificially standardized to 30-40 though the the use of third-party tools to ensure players all have the same ping despite their location.

Spring Split champions JD Gaming will be joined by Top Esports, Invictus Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix for this Chinese region this year, while T1, Gen.G, DragonX, and DAMWON Gaming will represent Korea.

Fans can watch the Mid Season Cup from May 28 on the League of Legends website.

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