Life Is Strange: True Colors lets viewers make key choices with Twitch extension

Life is Strange is the latest narrative game to have its own choice-based Twitch extension

Alex and her brother can be seen in a screenshot for the game.

With just a week to go until Life Is Strange: True Colors releases, Deck Nine has unveiled a Twitch extension for the game that will allow streamers’ viewers to vote on choices together, changing the way the game plays out for the streamer.

Crowd Choice, is the name of the Twitch Extension in question and, according to a press release, lets “your viewers vote on every major choice in the game, live.” Crowd Choice is optional and can be turned off but it will no doubt add some dynamism and unpredictability to your streamed playthrough.

The extension offers a fair bit of flexibility, meaning that you can choose to have your audience vote on every decision with Full Democracy mode or just get their opinion before you make the choice yourself with Suggestion mode. You will also have full control over the options of the poll and how long it runs for. All viewers have to do is activate the extension when viewing your stream.

In order to set-up Crowd Choice for Life Is Strange: True Colors, you will need to have a Square Enix Members account and connect it to the game from the menu. Then, turn on Crowd Choice mode from the Live Stream menu in the game’s settings and you are good to go.

One of the Crowd Choice extensions can be seen.

Set to release on both Xbox Series X|S and PS5, Life Is Strange: True Colors should hopefully make our best Xbox Series X games and best PS5 games lists if it can live up to the legacy of the franchise.