Life Is Strange: True Colors Earworm Squasher trophy and achievement guide

Here is how to find "where are you? Girl from Rome" in Chapter 3

Alex can be seen playing the guitar.

As with the other games in the series, Life Is Strange: True Colors has a number of side objectives that are completely optional, but offer unique experiences and moments. One of those optional moments is to find and play the student’s lost song in the Black Lantern bar in Chapter Three.

This is one of the longer optional objectives within Haven Springs, with a number of steps required to actually find the song and play it. But, we will detail those steps below to ensure you can help find the student’s lost song and play it in the bar.

Completing this objective will grant you the Earworm Squasher trophy and achievement, which will go towards earning the platinum trophy or reaching 100% achievement progress within Life Is Strange: True Colors. Read on through our guide to find out more.

Life Is Strange: True Colors Earworm Squasher trophy and achievement guide

The student you are looking for can be found in the early part of the chapter in the Black Lantern bar. Head on over to her and home in on her emotions to hear the lyrics from her song playing: “Where are you? Girl from Rome…”

From there, talk to both Steph and Ryan about the song by choosing the dialogue option on the circle/B button. Next, ask Jed where he has put the song.

From there, head behind the bar and look next to the PC to find the track. Pick it up and put into the jukebox, choosing track 2. Once the song has begun playing the Earworm Squasher trophy or achievement will pop.

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