League of Legends’ Yuumi rework should land her in “more stable place”

If there's one thing we know League of Legends needs, it's a Yuumi rework - and Riot Games has explained just why this MOBA's magical cat is getting one soon

League of Legends Yuumi rework insight: an image of the cat from Riot Games' MOBA

With well over 150 champions for players to choose from in Riot Games’ League of Legends, there’s always going to be one or two characters that are simultaneosly popular and unpopular – but, that doesn’t mean they can’t change. So, Riot Games is announcing that it’s going to rework Yuumi – and here’s why, and what it’s planning.

In a pre-announcement press release, Riot Games explained that “while Yuumi has succeeded at [the] initial goals” and filled the role the developer intended prior to her release (one in which she helps new LoL players pick the game up quickly while also allowing them to learn besides their friends), “she’s also been a tough balance problem at all levels”. If you’re someone who’s been trying to climb the League of Legends ranks, we’re sure you know all about this.

Why, you might ask? Well, it should go without saying, but it’s because of the unique mechanic you’ll find in play with her W ability ‘You And Me!’ When you combine the untargetability Yuumi has with her ability to hyperscale and engage with powerful tools, it’s clear to see why Riot Games is looking to rework her. Yuumi may be a support role champion in-game, but she can be a truly effective enchanter with these mechanics.

So, depite numerous changes over the years, Riot Games has decided to introduce a larger set of changes that should combat Yuumi’s dominance in the pro scene, her high ban rate, and the fact that she’s really just quite frustrating to play against – at least when she’s part of an organised team.

What are these changes? Well, Riot Games hasn’t shared any of the details yet – just that it is in the early stages of development. It has also said, though, that it wants to “rework Yuumi to be an easy-to-learn Enchanter that’s all about protecting and enhancing her allies”.

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“This means a greater emphasis on how Yuumi can aid her allies earlier in the game by trading her damage and crowd control for more early power and defense.” In addition to this, while Riot Games does agree that “Yuumi staying attached for long periods of time is essential for her to serve her current players”, there needs to be more emphasis on Yuumi counterplays going forwards.

We know Yuumi is one of the best LoL champions out there – in her current state – right now, but that doesn’t mean a rework is going to knock her off the top spot. We, though, can only hope that introducing a more focused kit and clearer counterplay options will help her to a healthier place in this game – which is one of the best MOBA games available.