League of Legends player posts ‘world record’ Yuumi jungle speedrun

To be a top-tier jungler and climb the League of Legends ranks, you have to know both how to path, and how to do it quickly. Wasted time chasing around stray Raptors could be spent ganking your midlaner, or figuring out where your opposing jungler is. Jungle pathing expert and content creator ‘Phylaris’ posts optimised routes through the jungle to help players, and yesterday flexed their skills by posting a world record Yuumi jungle clear ‘speedrun’ – and it’s something truly special.

Phylaris’s run begins at Red Buff, with Yuumi taking (E) Zoomies and an Emberknife at level one. After smiting the buff to stay healthy, (Q) Prowling Projectile is picked up upon levelling as the cat moves towards Blue Buff – Blue is particularly important to pick up early as Yuumi’s mana costs are so high at this stage of the game.

From Blue, Phylaris takes Gromp, before dropping a ward, basing, retrieving a Kircheis Shard – thanks in-part to the Future’s Market rune – and teleporting back. Having already downed the single-target mobs, the extra stats from Kircheis Shard – attack speed and damage from the on-hit effect – are crucial to Yuumi surviving Wolves, Raptors, and then Krugs, especially as the buffs begin to wear off.

Phylaris finally completes the clear at 4:52 – a snail’s pace judging from their optimised jungle clear time spreadsheet for other junglers, but impressive all the same. Of course, this is anything but a typical clear, as Yuumi takes Teleport where conventional junglers would take Flash or (on occasion) Ghost. Additionally, a Kircheis Shard would never factor into a standard Yuumi build, though this is of course just a bit of fun, so there’s no qualms from us.

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With Yuumi’s clear time setting the bar for unviable jungle champions, we would love to see other suboptimal enchanter picks like Janna, Nami, and Soraka also get a run through the gauntlet – for science.