xQc blasts his chat for mocking his Silver 2 ranking in League of Legends


Everyone has to start somewhere when it comes to ranked League of Legends. Your placement games can be a cruel mistress, or they can see you get a nice little head start in the race to climb the rankings all the way to Challenger.

However, for popular Twitch variety streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, his current rank of Silver 2 in LoL was subject to a lot of jokes and mocking from his viewers. As xQc looked to improve his skills as a top laner in solo queue during the last couple of hours of a stream, his chat occasionally throw some shade at the streamer for not being a higher rank and poke fun at his skills on the Rift.

On eventually calling time on his stream and beginning his usual outro, he thanked his chat but left them with a fiery roast for constantly flaming his Silver 2 rank. “Much love, appreciate it,” xQc begins. “And all the people in chat who are in Bronze, Silver, and copper [Iron] dude, just know that it doesn’t get better, you’ll never get out of there, and you’re complete garbage.”

“And when I climb to Master and come back there, on my throne, and look down on you, just remember when you tried to pick on me for being a temporary Silver,” he adds. “Know that you’ll never, ever, be good at the game, and you’ll never even be close to my skill set. But thanks for trying anyway. Much love.”

He then goes on a foul-mouthed tirade to finish his rant, calling members of his chat “fucking pussies,” along with some other unpleasantries.

He had around 17,000 viewers watching during his rather agitated sign off.

Despite his chat trying to bring him down, xQc seems determined and confident that he’ll be able to grind his way out of Silver and onward to the higher ranks in Season 10.