The stakes for the LoL Worlds Clash 2020 are “higher than ever”

Ready to take on the best players? Now that the LoL Worlds groups have been decided, Riot has finally given us information about the Worlds 2020 Clash Event.

Riot is promising the stakes are “higher than ever” as teams compete in 16-team brackets this time around for Elemental banners, Premium Ticket loot, Victory Points, and the Worlds trophy. The format for the event this year means if teams want to reach first place, they’ll need to win four straight games. Losing just one of these matches will see teams quickly falling in the ranks, so you’ll need to be on top of your game to place well.

Depending on how lucky you’re feeling, the rewards for Premium Tickets are about to get a whole lot better. The increased size of the tournaments and higher stakes offer a limited opportunity to earn Championship skin permanents and Worlds loot orbs. To make things even more interesting, you’ll receive all of this in addition to the standard Premium Ticket rewards.

This is what you’ll find in the new Premium Ticket loot capsules:

  • 8th through 15th place – Championship Skin Shard
  • 1st through 7th place – Championship Skin Permanent
  • All tickets (basic and premium) receive a Worlds Orb: 1st Place

Depending on how far you make it in the event, there are two unique logos, four victory banners, and one trophy up for grabs. The exclusive banners will be themed around Elemental Drakes and the Worlds Event.

Here are the changes being made to Victory Points (VP) at the Worlds 2020 Clash Event:

  • 400 VP – Banner 1 (Cloud)
  • 600 VP – Worlds Theme Logo
  • 800 VP – Banner 2 (Infernal)
  • 1200 VP – Banner 3 (Mountain)
  • 1600 VP – Banner 4 (Ocean)
  • 2000 VP – Championship Logo

Worlds 2020 Clash will take place over two weekends: October 10 – October 11 and October 17 – October 18.

Sign ups open five days before each event kicks off, so be ready on October 5 and October 12 to put your name down.