DRX and Deft complete fairytale run to win LoL Worlds 2022

DRX is crowned League of Legends Worlds 2022 champions after a five-game series versus T1 that many are calling the best LoL Worlds final ever

LoL Worlds 2022 DRX: League of Legends player Deft kisses the Summoner's Cup at the LoL Worlds 2022 final

League of Legends has a brand new world champion. With the thrilling conclusion of the LoL Worlds 2022 final between LCK rivals DRX and T1 going the way of the team in blue and white, DRX has stencilled its name into the annals of League of Legends history.

Trading games back and forth throughout the series, both teams remained incredibly competitive until the very end. However, the familiar sound of Silver Scrapes served to remind us that only one team could win it all, and it was DRX that secured the 3-2 victory. The five-game series is being widely touted as one of, if not the best LoL Worlds finals ever.

DRX’s Worlds run to the Summoner’s Cup was truly something special. Having squeaked into the tournament through the LCK’s regional qualifier, the team started in the Play-Ins stage as the region’s fourth and final seed.

Despite having come into the tournament as a dark horse, with expectations from most incredibly low, game-by-game, DRX began to build steam, and a mental forged from a year of hardships helped see the team through each trial that came its way. By the end, DRX became an unstoppable force that not even the likes of 2021 Worlds champion EDward Gaming or reigning LCK champion Gen.G could stop.

For bot lane veteran Kim ‘Deft’ Hyuk-kyu the victory is extra sweet. There was a strong chance that this year’s tournament could have been his last, with compulsory military service looming for the Korean carry. Now, after a decade of trying, Deft has cemented his legacy as a champion no matter what his future holds.

After some moments of exceptional skill in the top lane, Hwang ‘Kingen’ Seong-hoon was also crowned LoL Worlds Finals MVP. An interview with Kingen will be coming to The Loadout very soon.

Now the undisputed best team in the world, DRX has not only stencilled its name into the Summoner’s Cup, but its players have also earned the right to pick their own LoL Worlds 2022 winners skins for their favourite champions.