Kog’Maw and Tryndamere join League of Legends VGU poll nominees

Following Udyr's selection for a visual and gameplay update last year, Riot Games is once again putting the fates of older champions in players' hands

League of Legends' Kog'Maw and Tryndamere

League of Legends is certainly starting to get on in years – over 12 have elapsed since we were first introduced to the inaugural inhabitants of Summoner’s Rift. Since then, many of the game’s earliest champions have become outdated, as newer and shinier additions have been made. To combat the passage of time, Riot annually offers up a poll to let players decide on which of these older champions should get a visual and gameplay update.

Last year, Udyr was chosen by the community to receive some much-needed love, with the Spirit Walker currently looking like a whole new man-bear in the studio’s last update. This time around, players will have the choice between Nocturne, Shyvana, and Skarner – these three choices are returnees from last year’s poll – with Kog’Maw and Tryndamere rounding out this year’s nominees.

Players will be able to vote as usual through the LoL client, with voting itself taking place between January 7 and January 19. This isn’t the only poll players will be able to cast their votes for in-client, however, with Riot also announcing that it is letting players choose the thematic for its next skin line: Infernal, Gothic, or Arclight.

Last year, Riot presented the options of Monster Tamers, Debonair 2.0, and Crime City Nightmare for players to salivate over. Eventually, Crime City Nightmare got the initial nod, with the skins dropping back in August 2021. Debonair 2.0 would eventually follow, with its own selection of cosmetics arriving in the final patch of 2021 – December’s LoL patch 11.24.

Kog'Maw, Nocturne, Tryndamere, Shyvana, and Skarner from League of Legends

Considering what we saw of Tryndamere at Worlds 2021, we can see the spinning berserker being a shoe-in for the VGU vote. Some members of the community have already been busy visualising their own victor, however, with one Redditor creating their own incredible VGU concept for Skarner. Spicy.