Tyler1’s team wins Twitch Rivals League of Legends despite player dropout

Despite facing a number of odds, Team Tyler1 manage to defeat Team Yassuo to be crowned Twitch Rivals champions

Team Tyler1 has defeated Team Yassuo in the fourth Twitch Rivals League of Legends Draft Showdown, winning $25,000 in prize money.

The first match in the final series looked like the night was going to be rough for Team Tyler1 as the team’s mid laner, Eain ‘APA’ Stearns was DDoS’d mid-match. After waiting an hour and a half for APA to reconnect, Hammoudi ‘Yassuo’ Abdalrhman refused to forfeit the match despite Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp’s team being firmly in the lead. APA managed to reconnect, but his ping was so high that he was forced to disconnect.

Going into the second game, Tyler1’s team replaced APA with MAD Lion’s coach, Peter Dun. Tyler1 asked for Joedat ‘Voyboy’ Esfahani who was approved to play in Twitch Rivals, but the request was denied by two members of Team Tyler1 due to ping concerns. Team Tyler1 seemed to struggle during the second game and Team Yassuo took the victory. The third and final game saw Tyler1’s team recover spectacularly, with 13-year-old ‘General Sniper’ having a standout performance.

Prior to the final, Tyler1 and Yassuo set the stage for a spicy match. Yassuo and Tyler1 know how to hype up the audience before a match, and the Twitch Rival’s rival was no different. “You have too much fucking time on your hands,” says Yassuo. “You have no life! I have a life!”. While this banter may seem a bit excessive, these two professional streamers regularly wind each other up purely for entertainment.

Tyler1 pointed out General Sniper’s performance in a post-game interview: “He’s a 13-year-old boy and he’s eating three bans in the top lane!”. It’s clear General Sniper has a promising future in League of Legends after his impressive performances.