League of Legends streamer Tyler1 is currently the fourth best Ivern main in NA

Ivern has become the new Draven for Tyler1


During his hiatus from social media and streaming, Twitch star Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp completed his goal of switching roles and making it to Challenger in ranked League of Legends as a jungler.

While he has played a lot of LoL to get to this point and learned a new role in the game, one champion in particular became his go-to during the latter stages of his push into challenger: Ivern. With a 54% win rate as Ivern at the time of writing and a KDA of 4.93 (according to his OP.gg page) Tyler1 has certainly got to grips with the Green Father. So much so that – as Reddit user ‘Margesimpsonkrunk’ discovered – the streamer is now in the top five Ivern mains in all of NA.

According to League of Graph’s leaderboard – which ranks players based on aspects like win rate and KDA with different champions – Tyler1 (BUZZLIGHTYEAR99) is the fourth best Ivern main in NA at the time of writing. He also ranks fairly highly on the global leaderboard and is well in the top 25 players in the world with the champion.

It is worth noting that despite Tyler1’s impressive looking standings amongst fellow Ivern mains, the champion isn’t exactly the most popular jungle choice in ranked Season 10, with a pick rate of less than 2% in solo queue. Only Udyr, Sett, and Dr. Mundo have lower pick rates for jungle, according to stats from U.gg.

Despite completing his jungle challenge, there has still been no word from Tyler1 as to when he will be returning to Twitch and start streaming League of Legends again.

He did return to social media though – but only to proclaim that jungle was the “easiest role in the game.”