Tyler1 offers a $50,000 League of Legends bet to TF Blade

The Twitch star bets TF Blade he can't get an 80% win rate solely in Challenger


Twitch star Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp has proposed a $50,000 bet with fellow League of Legends streamer Ashkan ‘TF Blade’ Homayouni after the latter claimed that anyone could have completed Tyler1’s jungle challenge.

Tyler1 had just started his January 23 livestream when he came across a clip of TF Blade, in which he says: “Oh, let me just play 1k games and get Challenger with jungle only. Bro, anyone can do that. Mine is like 80 fucking percent win rate to Challenger, all solo.” Seemingly offended and triggered by TF Blade’s remarks about his climb to Challenger in ranked League of Legends as a jungler, Tyler1 responds by challenging him to do it too.

“Then do it you punk-ass bitch,” he snaps, pausing the clip. “You play two champions top lane. Jax and fucking Tryndamere. That’s it. You play one role. Does he think he’s better than me because I’m a multi-role Challenger?”

Tyler1 then resumes the clip to hear TF Blade talk about his 80% win rate.

“Oh, nice dude. And all your Master tier games are like a 50% win rate exactly, OK? Shut up,” he says. Tyler1 then labels TF BLade as a “win rate player” and lays down a $50,000 gauntlet for him to prove how good he is by getting that 80% win rate solely in Challenger rank.

“If he wants to talk about his win rate then TF Blade, play 500 games in Challenger. If you’ve got an 80% win rate then, I’ll give you $50,000,” he says.

Tyler1 is definitely no stranger to having some choice words for fellow streamers, particularly those who question his ability. While his climb to Challenger did take over 1,800 games and see him take a hiatus from social media and streaming to focus on it, it’s still a commendable achievement for a former AD carry.

Whether TF Blade will accept Tyler1’s wager is unclear.