Tyler1 suggests some interesting names for his League of Legends scrim team

Popular Twitch streamer Tyler1 shows his viewers a list of potential team names and they're all pretty weird


Popular League of Legends streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp is known for being a bit of a maverick, and it seems he also takes a maverick approach to picking team names for scrims.

While queued up with his teammates, Tyler1 decided to kill some time by suggesting some team names that his squad could call themselves during scrims. Tyler1 then proceeds to reel off a list of comically outlandish names, including ‘Genius Athletic Freaks of Swag’, ‘Brilliant Swag Stompers Unreal Beasts’, ‘Mean Lean Freak Goat’, and ‘Boss Battle Snap Popper’… Yes, really.

Despite Tyler1’s enthusiasm for his name suggestions, his fellow teammates seemed less than impressed, with one of them saying: “I think all the ones with ‘swag’ on the end should probably be skipped,” and the rest of the team sounding rather uninspired as he goes through the names on his list. “Come on guys, you’ve got to work with me here,” Tyler 1 pleads to his team.

In the end, they reluctantly decide to go with ‘Shadow Dogs Unleashed’. Just rolls off the tongue, right?

The new name worked a charm as Tyler1’s team cruised to victory in their first game following the above clip.

Guess it’s only a matter of time before we see Shadow Dogs Unleashed in the LCS?