Tyler1 breaks his headset after missing a smite in League of Legends


On his route to becoming one of Twitch’s biggest streamers, Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp has played a lot of League of Legends. And while LoL can infuriate even the most level-headed player, Tyler1’s fiery reactions to the game have become infamous.

Thanks to a rookie error during his February 11 stream, there’s now one more to add to the catalogue of Tyler 1 rages. As part of his Season 10 challenge to climb the League of Legends ranks as a jungler after playing as an ADC for some time, Tyler1 was in a game as Olaf and was helping his team in what was meant to be a relatively simple take down of a dragon. However, Tyler1 completely mistimes the smite that would’ve seen off the dragon, allowing the enemy team to pinch it from under his team’s noses.

“Hit this fucking smite you stupid piece of shit,” Tyler1 says to himself in encouragement before, unfortunately, doing the exact opposite. On losing the dragon, he flips out, angrily grabbing his headset from his head and breaking it in the process. He then proceeds to scream before slumping back in his chair, defeated, and calls for his team to surrender the game.

Once he has somewhat cooled off, Tyler1 admits that he knew he was going to miss it, before quietly whimpering: “My god I’m so sad.”

On realising that Tyler1 has busted his headset, his girlfriend – fellow Twitch streamer ‘Macaiyla’ – nervously shuffles over to him with a box containing a brand new one.

It seems that Tyler1, who has so far managed to reach Diamond 4 in his new role as a jungler according to OP.gg, still has a few things to brush up on if he is to achieve his goal of hitting Challenger rank.