Tyler1 brainstorms more crazy League of Legends team names for Twitch Rivals


Last time Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp led a League of Legends team into a Twitch Rivals event, they came out as undefeated winners. To continue his winning streak, he is again turning to one of the key aspects of that victorious team; its bizarre name.

In the build up to the last Twitch Rivals event, Tyler1 discussed with his teammates a number of strange names before plumping with Shadow Dogs Unleashed. This time, he has one-upped himself. During his January 14 stream, he presented a list of options to his teammates, each becoming increasingly weird and ridiculous.

The list includes ideas such as: Athletic Swag Dab, Concealed Rage Bonkers, and the slightly off-brand Super Fantastic Friends of Time. However, after almost ten minutes of discussions with his teammates, they appeared to plump with a name after extending one on Tyler1’s original list. Ready? Ok. Here goes: Monster Dab Boss Genetic Alpha Legends of Swag! (dab) Swaggers.

Although not officially confirmed, that appeared to be the team name they all agreed upon. The clip below shows Tyler1’s initial pitch to his teammates.

Tyler1’s team may have stomped the last Twitch Rivals event, but they’ll have to really channel their inner “Monster Dab Boss” if they want to become back-to-back champions. Teams led by other famous faces such as Tim ‘Trick2g’ Foley and Ashkan ‘TF Blade’ Homayouni.

The first League of Legends Twitch Rivals event of the year kicks off on January 21 and is played over three days. If you can think of a catchy chant for Monster Dab Boss Genetic Alpha Legends of Swag! (dab) Swaggers, then we’d love to hear them.