Tyler1 gets roasted by his past self for picking meta League of Legends champions

The Twitch streamer was left red faced after watching back the video from 2018


League of Legends streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp was left rather embarrassed after a viewer brought his attention to an old video of him swearing he’d never pick an ‘overpowered’ champion for bot lane, despite recently playing with a number of meta picks.

The streamer was forced to eat his words as he watched himself rant about people telling him to use the ‘overpowered’ champion Heimerdinger in a video from July last year. In it, 2018 Tyler1 exclaims: “I am not playing Heimerdinger, or Swain, in bot lane. Shut up! That’s not adapting! I’d rather jump off a bridge dude!”

This leaves present day Tyler1 slightly red-faced. “Well, umm… People get older, boys. I’ve aged,” he tries to justify to his chat. “I was young in this video, people change, man, people change! It is what it is.” He then proceeds to resume the 2018 video, which digs him into an even deeper hole.

“I’ll stay in Diamond 3 before I do that s*** [pick Heimerdinger], are you kidding… How crazy does that sound? Heimerdinger bot lane is overpowered. Really? You want Tyler1, alpha male, swag, giant muscle man to play Heimerdinger?”

The clip, which shows an embarrassed Tyler1 smirking and holding his head in his hand as he watches his old video, has been viewed around 60,000 times on Twitch.

Having past remarks come back to bite you isn’t the best way to keep up an ‘alpha male’ persona, but Tyler1 managed to laugh it off. He then proceeded to accidentally lock in Heimerdinger for his next game… The ultimate circle of karma.