Tyler1 says Diamond rank in League of Legends is “ELO hell”

The LoL player also started sleeping on his couch as it's closer to his PC


League of Legend fans missed Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp’s streams as he climbed his way to Challenger as a jungler. After his break, the streamer came back to Twitch with some interesting observations and quirks he developed during his time fighting his way to the top.

Firstly, Tyler1 isn’t a fan of Diamond rank. “People are saying ‘but it took you 2000 games Tyler1’. No. It took me 1.6 thousand games to get out of Diamond,” he says. “It took me 200 games from Grandmaster to Challenger. Don’t say that, no, that’s more acceptable. It took me 1.5k to get out of diamond. It is a hell hole, they’re all lost. They need to find themselves in real life and then start playing League.” Ouch.

While training as a jungler, Tyler1 picked up some unusual habits to, let’s say, optimise his game time? Yes, that’s right, Tyler1 slept on the couch in his clothes to get to his PC just that little bit faster.

“I was going through some weird cycle where I would sleep on the couch fully clothed because it’s closer to my computer so when I’d wake up I’d have to walk a shorter distance,” he says. “So it would give me about 60 seconds extra per day to play League. Whereas if I went to the bed that would take about a minute off of my day. Can’t have that.”

And we guessed it worked. Plus, Tyler1 is now in the top four Ivern players in NA so he’s clearly doing something right.