Tyler1 conquers third League of Legends role, hits Challenger in top lane

After mastering AD carry and jungler, Tyler1 is now a Challenger-rank toplaner too

Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp has conquered his third role in League of Legends, completing yet another of his signature road to Challenger quests.

Prior to 2020, Tyler1 was a Challenger level AD carry in ranked League of Legends, but last year the T1 streamer set himself the goal of reaching the top of the ladder in a brand new role: jungle. After several months and a hiatus from Twitch and social media, he completed it. Now in 2021, he’s done it again, this time as a toplaner. Having tried to smash this challenge towards the end of Season 10, only to fall short, Tyler1 continued into Season 11. Now, after more than 1,700 games, he can finally call himself a Challenger-rank player in the top lane.

The game that tipped him into Challenger – a 40-minute, hard-earned victory with Tyler1 piloting Urgot – was watched by around 80,000 viewers, according to Twitch Tracker. On completing his latest feat, Tyler1 didn’t hold back in the celebrations – or his thoughts on the state of the top lane.

“Thank god I’m fucking done with this fucking role,” he says. While he admits that there are some scenarios where playing top can be an enjoyable experience, his overall summary was that the role “sucks to play.”

While it may have been a slog playing so many games in a role he didn’t enjoy, the LoL community has been full of praise for Tyler1’s achievement.

The likes of FlyQuest streamer Joedat ‘Voyboy’ Esfahani dubbed Tyler1 a “League of Legends phenom” for mastering yet another role.

Throughout Season 11, Tyler1 has gravitated mainly towards Cho’Gath and Urgot, his most-played champions by a considerable margin. While his win rate on both champions is decent (56% and 53% respectively), the likes of Olaf (61%) and Ivern (64%) have produced some of his best win rates.

With his top lane challenge now complete, there are just two roles left for Tyler1 to conquer: midlaner and support.

It’s currently not clear which he will choose to master next – or if he will even continue his road to Challenger missions.