A League of Legends fan creates a True Damage and K/DA mashup

Giants has been mashed together with POP/STARS to create an awesome hip hop/ K-pop fusion

True Damage

This year’s League of Legends Worlds opening ceremony was one of the best ever and saw the new LoL band, hip hop collective True Damage, performing ‘Giants’.

However, one League fan called DJ Aqours has set out to improve it… By mashing it up with last year’s K-Pop tune ‘POP/STARS’ by former LoL band K/DA. This awesome mix of both songs sees two genres that normally steer well clear of each other coming together – and it kind of works! Vocals and music are taken from both hit songs and intertwined to create an interesting listening experience.

K/DA – which featured champions Ahri (Miyeon), Akali (Soyeon), Evelynn (Madison Burns) and Kai’Sa (Jaira Burns) – created a super catchy K-pop tune that over 280 million people have listened to on YouTube. True Damage – which is made up of LoL’s newest champion Senna (Keke Palmer), Qiyana (Becky G), Ekko (DCKWRTH and Thutmose) and Akali (a returning Soyeon) – received a great reception for their track Giants, which has been viewed almost eight million times in just two days.

The mashup, which was originally spotted by Dot Esports, has only been viewed a few thousand times so far, and we think it deserves a lot more love.

Not only does DJ Aqours bring together two tracks that are adored by LoL fans, he manages to merge two distinctly different genres in K-pop and hip hop to good effect.

But is it as good as this mashup of 2019 Worlds song ‘Phoenix’ with 2018’s ‘Rise’? You decide.