League of Legends band True Damage teases a “worldwide release” this week

Could this be the album we're all waiting for?

True Damage

Awake you sleeping giants. True Damage, the iconic League of Legends hip hop group, has updated its website recently and it looks like we’re set to hear a new release in the next few days.

The group, which captivated the attention of fans when they performed  single Giants last year, have been pretty quiet as of late, but the official site which was used to sell True Damage merchandise has been updated. Now, as spotted by Dot Esports, the site is locked, has a bright orange background with a warning sign graphic with the phrase “Ignore Resistance.” Below that a “worldwide release” of some sort is being teased for 8AM PDT (11AM EDT / 4PM BST) on Saturday, July 11.

While the website can be unlocked with a password, no one has quite figured out what it is just yet. Given fans can submit their email addresses though, it sounds like the password will be emailed out this weekend for the big reveal.

True Damage consists of Akali, Ekko, Qiyana, Senna, and Yasuo. The champions are the third music group created by Riot Games and only have one single to their name. Considering Pentakill has a full-length album, many hope this weekend’s release is a bit more than a three minute song.

Here’s hoping.