Broxah could miss the start of the League of Legends season due to visa issues

Visa issues have also affected Team Liquid's head coach Cain and academy jungler Shernfire


Team Liquid’s new jungler Mads ‘Broxah’ Brock-Pedersen could miss the start of the LCS Spring split due to delays processing his visa.

Broxah, who is Danish, was one of several high-profile European players to head to North America during the offseason after leaving Fnatic. He is not the only member of Team Liquid’s League of Legends setup to be facing visa issues. South Korean head coach Jang ‘Cain’ Nu-ri and Australian Liquid Academy jungler Shern ‘Shernfire’ Cherng Tai are also experiencing delays with visa applications, according to a tweet from Liquid’s co-CEO Steve Arhancet.

“So this sucks,” Arhancet’s tweet reads. “There are delays processing visas for Cain, Broxah and Shernfire. We hope they all may be able to compete at the start of season, but that may not happen. This has also affected our Jan team practice. We are evaluating backup options should they be required.” With both their starting roster and academy junglers facing visa issues, it could be a particularly rocky start for Liquid at the start of the 2020 LCS season, which kicks off later this month.

Who Team Liquid will be able to get in as starting jungler has been widely speculated. Many are tipping former player, Eugene ‘Pobelter’ Park, who is now part of the coaching team at Liquid, as the most likely choice.

This is despite Pobelter ironically failing to land himself a spot on an LCS team during the offseasonamid the influx of foreign players to the league.

Team Liquid was by far the superior team in North American LoL last season, finishing first in both splits. However, the team disappointed at the World Championships after failing to get out of their group.