Sword files police report against former League of Legends Griffin coach cvMax

The top laner has contacted the police over cvMax's alleged assault

Sword Griffin

Griffin top laner Choi ‘Sword’ Sung-won has filed a police report against his former coach Kim ‘cvMax’ Dae-ho, alleging assault. The organisation’s offseason debacle continues as the League of Legends coach faces a second round of accusations following InvenGlobal’s interview with Lee ‘Tarzan’ Seung-yong, Shin ‘Rather’ Hyeong-seop, and coach Byun ‘Chaos’ Young-sub last month.

On November 20, Riot Korea indefinitely suspended cvMax and handed Griffin a fine, but the suspension has since been cleared “pending further investigation.” As a result over 200,000 people have petitioned for the South Korean government to investigate the issue.

cvMax has since moved to another LCK side and will act as the head coach for DragonX, where he will be joined by former Griffin mid laner Jeong ‘Chovy’ Ji-hoon and top laner Choi ‘Doran’ Hyeon-joon in the 2020 season. Both players were free agents after Griffin released all of its players from their contracts.

Sword, according to Korean site News1, has filed the police report and claims that cvMax allegedly threatened to kill him, and apparently also spoke of hurting the player’s family. Sword says he and his family are currently attending counselling for mental health issues following the abuse. In an earlier interview with InvenGlobal, Sword spoke out against cvMax’s actions claiming: “he held me by the collar and shook me aggressively. After that, he called me to his room and said, “I’m not sorry to you at all. You earned all this. Do you know what you did wrong?”

Meanwhile, Griffin has been ordered by Riot Korea to change ownership or face removal from the LCK. The organisation has been accused of corruption, pushing players into unfavourable contracts and tampering with legal documents.

Riot Korea has opened up the investigation to a third-party for resolution.