League of Legends players vote slayer mains as the most toxic in the game

League of Legends: Yasuo

A survey of over 3,700 League of Legends players has come back with some interesting results about people’s experiences while playing the game, including levels of toxicity and harassment.

The results of the survey – which were posted by its creator, Reddit user Clanaria – asked players a number of questions on a range of topics about their experiences. Most topics were split by gender to reveal the differences males and females had when answering the questions. It found that 98% of male LoL players say that they have been flamed on at least one occasion in a game, with 75% saying it’s happened more than once. Female players also came to a concerning conclusion, with 79% of them saying that they had been harassed by a player after a game of League of Legends.

The survey also asked which class of champions people thought were the most toxic. The overwhelming consensus in this topic was that players using slayer champions were the most toxic to play against, with assassins (like Akali or Shaco) finishing top of the list above skirmishers (like Yasuo and Sylas) in second.

While flaming and toxic behaviour is commonplace in League of Legends, only 19% of male players and 9% of female players owned up to currently being a toxic player.

Meanwhile, 39% of males say they’ve never been toxic during a game, compared to over half of the female players who were surveyed.

Never been toxic Used to be toxic Still sometimes toxic
Males 39% 41% 19%
Females 55% 36% 9%

While the results of the survey aren’t fully representative of the entire global playerbase, it does give a good indication as to what the atmosphere is like in League of Legends at the moment – and who the main culprits are.

You can see the full and very extensive results of Clanaria’s survey here.