You can customise new League of Legends merch with your name and Season 9 rank

Yes, even if you're Bronze.

Yasuo - League of Legends

While the best of the best in League of Legends ranked play are sometimes offered exclusive merchandise for their high finishes in a competitive season, never have us mere mortals had our own merch to celebrate our ranks – no matter how pathetic they may be.

That’s all changed as Riot has now released a line of tees and hoodies that are emblazoned with your actual Season 9 League of Legends rank and player profile name, just so long as you’re Honor Level 2 or above. The personalised apparel allows you to commemorate your efforts throughout Season 9 and is available to buy up until the start of Season 10.

Your personalised merch can only be for the highest rank you achieved throughout last season, so for example Diamond players will only be able to purchase Diamond merch (so no IRL smurfing for you guys). The tees are currently retailing at $30 and the hoodies are available for $65.

Design-wise, the products are quite minimalistic but look really clean. The front features a small emblem of your rank on the chest, while a much larger emblem covers the back, with your player name above it and your rank and ‘Season 2019’ below it.

LoL merch

There is also an option to remove your name from your merch, if you’d rather keep things anonymous.

Whether you were an unstoppable Grandmaster in Season 9 or merely a Bronze noob, we can now all flex our rank out in the real world, no matter how embarrassing it may be!