League of Legends’ Seraphine getting tweaked to “shift her primary position”

Seraphine has found her voice as a support, but Riot wants her as a mid

She’s been out for less than a week and Riot Games is already looking to tweak new League of Legends champion Seraphine. The Starry-Eyed Songstress has become one of the top picks for support players since she dropped, but Riot wants to make her a more viable option for midlaners instead.

Mark Yetter, League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer, made Riot’s intentions with Seraphine clear in a tweet which says that mid should be the champion’s “primary position,” and is buffing some of her abilities to achieve this.

The most notable change is to her E, Beat Drop, which will now always deal 100% damage to minions. This should help her become the “wave-clear” midlaner Riot promoted her as in her Champion Spotlight – which, by the way, is the most disliked in LoL history. Yikes. However, this Beat Drop change has been balanced with a slight reduction in damage dealt to champions. There’s also changes to her mana regeneration and her High Note Q has also had a slight damage buff.

With a support win rate of close to 49% in ranked League of Legends at the moment, and a far weaker mid win rate of less than 47%, it’s clear that Seraphine’s abilities are not tailored for the position Riot wants her to be played in.

However, the goal with these changes isn’t to make Seraphine a worse support champion, rather to just make her a more appealing mid pick, so hopefully the swathes of support players heading into the Rift with her right now won’t be left disappointed.

Seraphine’s tweaks will be implemented in patch 10.23, which is billed for November 11.