Rick Fox says he’s open to owning a League of Legends team again

The former Echo Fox owner also reveals that playing ranked LoL helped him cope with the Echo Fox saga

Rick Fox

Rick Fox said that he is open to owning a League of Legends team again in the future and that playing ranked LoL has helped him cope with the stress of the Echo Fox dispute.

Speaking to Travis Gafford, the founder and former owner of Echo Fox says that, despite the nightmare of being forced out his own team after a messy dispute with a business partner that saw the organisation booted out of LCS, he would consider owning a team once again. Fox also says that he is “starting to find joy again” in League of Legends after a settlement with his former business partner drew a line under the saga.

When asked whether Fox would have any future involvement in competitive LoL or even helm an organisation again, he replies: “Ownership was amazing, who doesn’t want to own a team in League of Legends? I know what that feels like and building something like that again with a clearer understanding of the traps and pitfalls that are out there would be a nice way to focus my next year or two until maybe there is a franchising opportunity to go after.”

Fox also admits that he is starting again from “ground zero” but that he is taking more time to learn from others in the industry before he considers becoming a team owner again.

During the interview he reveals that playing LoL has also helped him cope with the stress of the Echo Fox debacle and that he has experienced a lot from his grind to climb the League of Legends ranks.

“Through all of the stress of the last year,” Fox says, “I dove into the game at night to relax and I’d never [played] that way. I used to do it to understand how we could be strategically better at Echo Fox. But in this way I just wanted to get away and play the game and I just started to have fun. I started to really enjoy the climb.”

He also jokes that he has experienced being “flamed” and “reported” for doing “stupid stuff” as an ADC.

Despite the stressful year Fox has had, it’s heartwarming to see that he hasn’t given up on League of Legends and that the game itself has helped him through this difficult time.