Rick Fox is looking to set up a new esports org after settling Echo Fox dispute

Rick Fox

Rick Fox, the founder and now former co-owner of esports organisation Echo Fox, has officially left the organisation he created after an out of court settlement with one of his business partners.

As was first reported by Newsweek, all legal challenges both from and towards Fox have been settled and the money from the sale of the organisation’s LCS spot “will be done by a direct sale and decided by a new general partner that has yet to be designated”. The settlement also now sees Fox finally moving on and leaving Echo Fox behind him to pursue new opportunities.

Fox had purchased $10 million of Amit Raizada’s shares in the company in early 2019, but the latter was then accused of racism and threatening behaviour towards the then president of Echo Fox, Jace Hall. This prompted an investigation by Riot Games, who said Raizada must leave or the organisation would face being expelled from the LCS. Raizada stayed put, Echo Foc were kicked out, and Evil Geniuses purchased the vacant slot in the league. This lead to a series of messy legal disputes between Fox and Raizada.

Following the settlement, Fox said in a statement: “I have chosen to leave Echo Fox, the esports company that I founded, as a method to end the turbulent fighting and instead just continue to advance my visionary interest in being involved in a number of forward-thinking opportunities in the video game space with other strong, credible partners that share my values.”

He continued to say that “the significant difference of values, ethics and commitment to integrity” at the organisation had become “very problematic and damaging.”

It is now thought that Fox will reunite with Jace Hall to start a new esports organisation called Twin Galaxies International.

It was also recently reported that Fox’s rollercoaster journey in esports will be the inspiration behind a new comedy series that has been commissioned by CBS, which he will help produce.

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