Rick Fox is producing a comedy series about his life in League of Legends

Rick Fox

We’ve all heard about the recent trials and tribulations surrounding Rick Fox. The Echo Fox founder and co-owner claims he is being ousted from his own organisation by investors and has had to watch his brand drop out of competitive League of Legends.

However, despite the heartbreaking events, it appears Fox wants to make the best out of a bad situation and can see the funny side of his journey in esports. As was first reported in Deadline, former basketball player and actor Fox is co-producing a new comedy series based around his life; including his experiences in competitive gaming.

The series will be written by Dan Kopelman and will be a single-camera production. According to Deadline, it will be centred around “a recently retired pro basketball star who attempts to reconnect with his estranged son by buying an eSports franchise.” Sounds like Rick Fox to us. The currently untitled comedy has been commissioned by CBS, but no time frame has been given yet for when production will begin or when it could air.

Fox created the Echo Fox brand back in 2015 when he purchased Gravity Gaming’s LCS spot. It quickly branched out from just League of Legends and signed players to compete in titles such as CS:GO, Call of Duty and a number of fighting games.

However, Fox is currently fighting to remain a part of the organisation he created after being unable to remove co-owner Amit Razaida, who had reportedly made racist remarks towards Fox but refused to step away and save the team’s spot in the LCS after a Riot investigation.

Following the announcement that he would be working on the series, Fox took to Twitter to thank the team he will be working with and saying: “Esports and gaming for life!!”

League of Legends fans will be eagerly waiting for this series to hit their screens. Not only is it encouraging to see an esports storyline being taken on by a massive network, the fact it will be getting a lot of input from Fox means we may get to learn even more about the goings on behind the scenes at Echo Fox.

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