Rekkles slams Riot Games over recent League of Legends balancing attempts

Fnatic AD carry Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson says that if Riot continues to release unbalanced new champions League of Legends players will soon get to a point where they will “never play anything that isn’t newly released.”

During a livestream, the Swede began talking about how two staple ADCs in League of Legends, Kai’Sa and Xayah, are now “barely played” thanks to the recent introductions into the champion pool. While he doesn’t explicitly say it, this is likely a reference to Aphelios, whose strength and unpredictability has caused frustration by some in the competitive LoL community.

Rekkles then talks more generally about Riot’s “theory” behind releasing poorly balanced and strong champions and shares his concerns that all players will just gravitate towards the newest champions in the game. “If they just keep making stronger and stronger champions at some point people will just never play anything that isn’t newly released,” he says. “And I think that’s a shame with so many champions in the game.”

Rekkles then fires a parting shot at Riot, with reference to the famous meme that was born from the response of a Riot game designer earlier this year.

“But what do I know,” he adds. “I don’t have 200 years of experience.”

However, despite Rekkles’ criticism, he has already picked Aphelios – the newest ADC in the game – twice in the first four games of the 2020 LEC Spring Split.

The issues with Aphelios have been made more than clear by the community, with one LCS caster claiming that he has “no fucking idea” what the champion will do next and LoL fans voting him as the most annoying champion in the game to play against.