Rekkles says he’d prefer reworks over new ADC champions in League of Legends

He really misses playing Vayne...

Fnatic’s AD carry Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson would rather see old champions reworked to become stronger in his role rather than Riot creating entirely new champions.

The Swedish League of Legends pro was discussing the subject during a Twitch stream and says that he wants to be given the chance to play “nostalgic” champions once again after the introduction of new champions like Senna and Aphelios made many older champions “outdated” and less viable for competitive play. He thinks that Riot should be spending more of their time reworking past champions rather than releasing more new additions to the existing 148-strong lineup.

“I would rather see them rework AD carries than release more new ones,” he tells his viewers. “Because what will happen is what happened with Aphelios and Senna, where older ones are so outdated they are not playable anymore and the new ones are so fresh that they will always be played.”

Rekkles then reminisces and says that he would “love” the chance to one day play with Vayne again in competitive play.

In competitive play in Season 10, Aphelios has been Rekkles most picked champion, followed by Miss Fortune and then Senna according to

In 2019, five new League of Legends champions were released, with the same amount of older champions receiving some form of gameplay rework.

This year in 2020, Sett is the only new addition so far, while three older champions have received gameplay reworks (Wukong, Fiddlesticks, and most recently Volibear).

While this could suggest that maybe Riot is starting to shift its focus onto existing champions rather than adding to its lineup, these are the only three champions receiving reworks this year. The next rework will be for Dr. Mundo, but this will not drop until 2021.