League of Legends pro celebrates LCK victory with improvised Lee Sin cosplay

DragonX's Pyosik give us a 'Celebration of the Year' contender

League of Legends: Lee Sin

When you’re sitting top of the LCK with a perfect 6-0 record, you can probably afford to be a little flamboyant with the way you celebrate a win. That’s exactly what DragonX’s jungler Hong ‘Pyosik’ Chang-hyeon did following his teams crushing victory over SeolHaeOne Prince yesterday in Korea’s top League of Legends competition, showing his appreciation for the champion that helped steamroller the opposition.

Following the end of a dominant two-game series victory over SeolHae One Prince, Pyosik, with a smirk on his face, looks over to his teammates in a mischievous way. He begins to unplug his peripherals and grabs hold of his headset, which he then proceeds to wear in such a fashion as to imitate the appearance of The Blind Monk himself, Lee Sin. He then strikes a couple of martial arts-inspired poses down the camera, before chuckling to himself and his teammates.

Pyosik’s spontaneous cosplay of Lee Sin was likely as both a commemoration of the first game of the series in which he had gone 4/1/7 with the champion but also potentially as taunt towards SP’s jungler Flawless, who had selected Lee Sin for game 2 but failed to make much of an impact as they were thrashed by DragonX.

Pyosik is a relatively new name in competitive LoL, having made his debut in last year’s KeSPA Cup after being promoted to the main roster from DragonX’s development team. However, Lee Sin has been one of his most played champions, beaten only by Olaf.

This split, he’s played Lee Sin four times and has a 100% win rate with him.

While we all love the feeling of a crushing victory in League of Legends, impersonating your favourite champion is certainly a unique way to celebrate…