Riot is looking to ditch inter-division promotion games in League of Legends

The change is in the pipeline for preseason in 2021

League of Legends: Jarvan IV

A new blog post from the League of Legends development team has outlined several potential changes that are in the pipeline for ranked play.

Arguably the biggest change is that it’s “looking likely” promotion series within each tier will be ditched for the next season of ranked League of Legends in an attempt to improve player experience. Cody ‘Codebear’ Germain, the product lead for competitive play, says in the blog post: “It’s looking likely that we’ll be removing inter-division promotions to reduce frustration of seemingly hitting a wall when you know you’ve been playing well. This means we’ll also need to look at inter-division demotion protections to make sure that players are able to get where they should be in both directions without false limitations.” This change looks set to come into play in the preseason for ranked Season 11.

While the initial blog post had some slightly confusing wording – with some believing that all promotion series would be getting canned next season, Riot’s lead gameplay designer, Mark Yetter has since clarified on Twitter that it would only be promos within a rank that would be scrapped, meaning you’d still have to play a series to promote yourself from Gold into Platinum, for example.

Along with this  long term goal of reducing the number of promo series, there was another notable addition that Riot is looking to introduce within the next month or so. Players will now be able to report each other in the champion select screen for “disruptive behaviour.”

These reports will initially just be used for data gathering as Riot tries to decide on a suitable “punishment system” for toxic or frustrating behaviour during champion picks. Codebear also warns that this is the one announcement in the blog post that Riot will be “the most cautious” about.

Other changes in the pipeline include improvements to matchmaking in a number of areas prior to the 2021 season, such as limiting the ranking spread in a lobby when matching players.