Rekkles achieved the best KDA across LoL’s major leagues this split

Meanwhile, DWG KIA's Ghost has been racking up the pentakills

G2 Esports' Rekkles in black, red, and white colours

Recently we delved into some of the key champion stats from the first half of the League of Legends esports season. While the most popular picks among pro players were fairly unsurprising, the top performing champions were much more eye-opening.

So this time round, we’ve decided to take a look at the players behind the champions, in the hopes of being shocked once again (we’ve already spoiled the player with the best KDA, though we doubt that would’ve come as much of a shock anyway).

Usual housekeeping applies: all stats are pulled from, and only players with 20+ games will be considered as to rule out the odd role swap. Only players from the four major regions have been factored into this list, with stats from the Mid-Season Invitational also being taken into account alongside domestic ones.

Without further ado, let’s get into the numbers.

Highest Average Kills per game

With more and more teams playing through their bot lane power, it should come as little surprise that the players recording the highest average kills per game are all botlaners. The prolific MSI final MVP Chen ‘GALA’ Wei takes the top spot, chalking up 5.9 kills per game on average.

Not far behind him is fellow LPL rival Tang ‘huanfeng’ Huan-Feng. The Suning carry has averaged 5.6 kills per game so far this season. Rogue’s Steven ‘Hans sama’ Liv comes in a close third with 5.4.

Position Player Team Games played Average kills per game
1 GALA Royal Never Give Up 80 5.9
2 huanfeng Suning 43 5.6
3 Hans sama Rogue 30 5.4
4 FBI 100 Thieves 33 5.3
4 Upset Fnatic 23 5.3

highest average deaths per game

It should come as little surprise that support players feature in the highest average deaths per game, and the player with 20+ games who has, on average, died the most often so far this season is none other than Fnatic’s Zdravits ‘Hylissang’ Galabov.

The player, known for getting a little bit too hyphy at times, has died 5.3 times per game on average. He is flanked by Mihael ‘Mikyx’ Mehle of G2 Esports (4.8) and Golden Guardians toplaner Aiden ‘Niles’ Tidwell (4.8).

Position Player Team Games played Average deaths per game
1 Hylissang Fnatic 23 5.3
2 Mikyx G2 Esports 28 4.8
2 Niles Golden Guardians 24 4.8
3 Jwei Bilibili Gaming 21 4.5
4 Biubiu Bilibili Gaming 38 4.2

Best KDA

As for the players who average out kills and deaths the best, the top spot of course goes to G2 Esports botlaner Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson with a KDA of 8.9. Not only has huanfeng earned a second place spot in the highest average kills, but he also currently sits second on the KDA front with 8.1. Meanwhile, Suning midlaner Xiang ‘Angel’ Tao has managed an impressive 7.2 KDA.

Perhaps the most impressive showing comes from none other than DWG KIA’s Heo ‘ShowMaker’ Su, who boasts a KDA of 6.7. This may not seem impressive on paper, but it truly is immense seeing as he’s played 75 games this season – considerably more than his peers.

Position Player Team Games played KDA
1 Rekkles G2 Esports 28 8.9
2 huanfeng Suning 43 8.1
3 Angel Suning 43 7.2
4 ShowMaker DWG KIA 75 6.7
5 Upset Fnatic 23 6.2

Most Pentakills

Easily the juiciest stat to flex – especially for botlaners who have by far achieved the lion’s share of pentas so far this season.  In fact, of the 22 pentakills recorded across the big four leagues, 16 have come from the bot lane. As for the other six, three have been achieved by midlaners, two by toplaners, and one by DRX jungler Hong ‘Pyosik’ Chang-hyeon.

The player who has enjoyed scoring a perfect ace the most often is DWG KIA’s Jang ‘Ghost’ Yong-jun (3), followed by GALA, Park ‘Viper’ Do-hyeon, Jason ‘WildTutle’ Tran, and Jesper ‘Zven’ Svenningsen with two a piece.

Position Player Team Games played Pentakills
1 Ghost DWG KIA 67 3
2 GALA Royal Never Give Up 80 2
2 Viper Edward Gaming 48 2
2 WildTurtle Counter Logic Gaming 22 2
2 Zven Cloud9 58 2

With one more split and Worlds to come, each player will surely be looking to extend their lead – with the exception of those grey-screening most often of course. With each league set to kick off within the coming weeks, we won’t have to wait too much longer to see them back in action on the Rift.