Users of Cloud9’s new fan service discover welcome message from Perkz

A wild Perkz appeared

It’s billed to be the most valuable transfer in League of Legends esports history and has remained far from secret, but Cloud9’s acquisition of G2 star Luka ‘Perkz’ Perkovic appears to be all but confirmed after the Croatian appeared on the organisation’s Stratus fan service.

The Stratus membership scheme, which gives Cloud9 superfans exclusive content and perks (pun not intended), will set you back $500 a year to join. However, it appears to already be proving its worth as fans were the first to see potential new signing Perkz. New members were reportedly sent an email from Cloud9 which featured the message “someone wants to welcome you personally” and a link to a short video of Perkz saying: “Hello, welcome to Stratus.”

With numerous reports on the big-money transfer, constant back and forths between G2 and Cloud9 on social media, and now this Stratus welcome message from the man himself, official confirmation of Perkz’s move across the pond to the LCS is likely just around the corner.

Reports have claimed that G2 was asking for a $5 million fee from Cloud9 for Perkz, who earlier this year signed a new two-year contract with the reigning LEC champions.

G2 officially announced Perkz’s departure on Wednesday, and looks set to announce its new AD carry later today.

“Hello! Welcome to Stratus.”

While many have scoffed at the $500 fee to become a member of Cloud9’s Stratus scheme, the prospect of getting more exclusive interactions with new players before anyone else will certainly be a draw.