League of Legends patch 13.5 ensures Veigar always has the last laugh

The League of Legends patch 13.5 Veigar laugh bug fix serves as a reminder that he will show you no mercy, and cackle about it afterwards.

League of Legends patch 13.5 Veigar laugh bug fix: Veigar

The new League of Legends patch 13.5 update is finally here, and among the usual suite of bug fixes one particularly game breaking (or at least belly aching) issue for Runeterra’s most evil Yordle has finally been resolved.

As per the patch notes, Veigar’s base skin will now laugh again after killing an enemy champion with his ultimate ability, Primordial Burst. That’s right, up until now the maniacal midget wasn’t celebrating outplaying his enemies properly.

Veigar’s laughter interaction is one of the oldest in League, and was only added in patch 3.7, almost four years after his release into the League beta all the way back in 2009.

This isn’t the first time Veigar has been stricken down so callously by this bug, either. Back on patch 7.12 he also had to be unmuted – perhaps he’d been too toxic in his LoL ranked lobbies…

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Fortunately, base Veigar enjoyers will now be able to play the game properly again, safe in the knowledge that their passive BM will always come through.