League of Legends champion Pantheon has a 100% ban rate so far at Worlds 2019

League of Legends: Pantheon

October 28, 2019 Pantheon has also been banned in 100% of quarter-final matches at Worlds 2019.

One League of Legends champion has got pro players so worried at Worlds 2019 that it has been banned in all group stage and quarter-final games so far.

According to GoL.gg, the spear-wielding warrior Pantheon has been banned in all 66 games played at Worlds 2019, with 100% of the bans coming in phase one. The feared champion also received an extremely high amount of bans at the play-ins for Worlds, with a 97.7% ban rate. Pantheon is currently an incredibly powerful champion, who can deal huge amounts of damage in a short space of time early on in the game if the opposition get caught out.

The only other champion to come close to this level of banning is Qiyana, who has a 72% ban rate so far in the tournament. The mass banning of a single champion that we are seeing with Pantheon is reminiscent of the 2017 World Championships, where through both the groups and knockout stages Kalista was banned in every single match up.

On the other end of the spectrum, the champion we’ve seen picked the most during Worlds is Kaisa, who has been selected 45 times out of the 66 matches so far.

Some other interesting champions stats to emerge from the group stages include Heimerdinger having the highest Damage per Minute of any champion that was picked on more than one occasion, with a DPM of 732.

Additionally, Varus currently has the best KDA of any champion at the tournament that was selected more than once with an impressive 18.7 across four games.

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